The Salon

The Stormy Lake Salon gathers an interesting and diverse group of experts together three or four times a year. We spend a day or an evening together, with good food, better wine, and fabulous conversation.

The idea was inspired by our belief that we must explore the seams between disciplines in order to solve the complex problems the world faces today. Every Salon gathers experts from different fields, and we teach each other. Usually, no topic is set, and we are left to wander in the wilderness, wondering what this group of intimidating peers will find interesting and worthy.

As experts in our own fields, most of the times we present, we are the content expert. At the Salon, everyone is an expert in their own content – and often this is the hardest presentation we make. But one of the most exhilarating as well.

The 5 – 10 rule

During the Salon, each person is asked to make a presentation that uses no more than 5 props, and lasts no more than 10 minutes. It can be about anything. Some past presentations have included:

The ways we deceive ourselves about our own health.

Getting even: an investigation of revenge in romantic relationships.

Strategic thinking and greedy reductionism.

The science of luck.

Leading change and why change fails.

Storytelling in the knowledge economy.

Leadership and gender.

Chaos in living systems: what Evangelism can teach us.

Why do we need trends?

Is health promotion worth the effort?

Even with no set topic or agenda, themes inevitably emerge. The first two or three presentations seem a bit unconnected, but then very quickly dominant themes emerge. Issues that we have all been wrestling with or thinking about. And the Salon is a place where we can explore these ideas, and look at them from vastly different perspectives.

We leave the Salon, invigorated and refreshed, and not just from the wine and food. Our brains and our souls have been nourished. Inevitably, the ideas that we explored find their way into our work and our lives.

Salons have been held in Calgary, Toronto and Edmonton. If you would like to participate, just let us know.


3 thoughts on “The Salon

  1. The APC Bidders List led me to your site and it is a GREAT site

    am a bit of a history buff and have read about Salons for years – would love an opportunity to participate

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